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The final sqlmap command will be- The result should be something like this - Database: acuart [8 tables] ----------- | artists | | carts | | categ | | featured | | guestbook | | pictures | | products | | users | ----------- Now we have a list of tables.Following the same pattern, we will now get a list of columns. Of course, we covered all the usual ground with the proprietor, and he couldn’t help but remark on how well I used chopsticks or how incredible it was that I could eat octopus sashimi. But my overwhelming black-ness aside, dinner was great, as Kurtis and I had some pretty great clams in butter sauce, a plate of fresh sashimi, and a massive tofu salad with sesame dressing. First off, you need to have Kali linux (or backtrack) up and running on your machine.Any other Linux distro might work, but you'll need to install Sqlmap on your own.The “Japanese People Don’t Want you to Speak Japanese” part is one of those minor things I’ve always been afraid of whenever I think of how my first trip to Japan will be . —-well, I can’t say what Your Japan will be like, but I can tell you about My Japan. Running up the stairs, I found myself surrounded by school kids, who immediately began yelling, “Hello!

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They’ve been trained since birth by their teachers and an army of JETs and ALTs that when they see a white face, speak English. Now, if you were following along attentively, now we will be getting data from one of the columns. Okay, nothing great, but in the real world web pentesting, you can come across more sensitive data. Take a look at the previous tutorial on Manual SQl Injection which will help you find more interesting vulnerable sites.